Lets face it, eyebrows are important. There are two types of women, those who love their eyebrows and those who pretend to love their eyebrows. If you're one of the few lucky enough to be blessed with beautiful thick, perfectly arched brows, you can skip this blog and wait for the blog on lips. There's no way you can be that blessed to have both perfect brows and perfect lips.

So what are you looking for in a competent, talented permanent makeup technician? Well....the wishlist should be quite long, this is your face we are talking about. If you ask, "Are you licensed?" and the reply is, "Sure, I had a friend who worked at a place in L.A. and she came for a long weekend. Taught me everything I know." (Truly, I've heard this.) My advice, RUN..... Lets face it, every state has it's licensing requirements, so I would recommend checking those out and make sure your technician has been properly trained and has experience on live breathing people. Next, when you ask what their thoughts are on your brows, and get a reply that sounds like, "Here's a pencil, why don't you draw them on like you like them." Not the right answer. You are going to an expert for their opinion. This isn't saying it's all in the hands of your permanent makeup technician. But lets be frank, your not happy with what you have currently going on, so your there for a reason. RUN..... Now here are the obvious things to look for, which people overlook far too often because they are so excited to have their brows done. The treatment area should be spotless and well lit. If your having your nails done up front and are led back to a dark room where they store paper goods and have a microwave in the corner. RUN..... Next, ask for examples of their work. A solid portfolio of before and afters is essential. I unfortunately had a client who came to me for a correction because she based her decision on before and after's that were so amazing. Really, too true to be good, and unfortunately they were. This client had been given example photos from the internet, not even this technicians work. Let's just say, the work did not live up to the promise, and now she has to live with it.

Take it from someone who has been on both sides of the bench. Don't choose your permanent makeup technician on a whim. There is every reason to ask the tough questions, and put she/he on the spot. In the end, its your decision who you go with, so ask your questions, state your concerns, and be educated prior to putting your beautiful face in someone elses hands.