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After Care Eyeliner

Post Procedural Advice

Permanent makekup procedures are affected by the characteristics of your skin. If your skin is sun damaged (even from tanning beds), thick and uneven in texture, or excessively dry or oily, the result cannot be expected to be perfect after the initial procedure. Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery, scar tissue, and age of skin all contribute to pigment retention and fading.

The healing process will take a minimum of 4 weeks, which is the average time it takes for cell turnover. It is highly recommended that a touchup be performed 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure. This ensures the best result, and keeps your makeup looking its best. How you follow your after care directions will have a big impact on your outcome.

After Care EyeLiner:

Eyes may be puffy and tender for the first few days. This is normal and will dissipate quickly. Itching is also common, and may be alleviated by saturating gauze squares with cold distilled water for 10 minutes at a time. (No longer or your eyes may start to swell) Cold compresses are most effective during the first 24 hours.

  • Sleep slightly elevated, which will help reduce any residual puffiness. (Puffiness is usually an issue the following morning after your procedure.)
  • During the first 72 hours you may use Ibprofin as needed, and cold packs on and off every 15 minutes each hour.
  • Use a clean pillowcase. (Use an old one if possible due to residual pigment left on the eyes.)
  • Do not sleep with pets during the healing process
  • Do not let the eyeliner become dry in the first 3 days, minimum. Apply ointment with a clean Q-tip as often as needed to keep the area moist.
  • Avoid sun, pools, hot tubs and swimming in the ocean until completely healed
  • Use a new tube of mascara after each procedure
  • In the morning, if eyes are stuck together use warm/hot clean washcloth gently pat eyes until clean.
  • Eyes are sensitive to pet dander, gardening, dust & dirty hands.

Eyes heal very well, however there is always the possibility of a secondary infection like conjunctivitis. If ointment is a problem, please discontinue use and rinse eyes with a buffered eyewash and seek medical attention for an antibiotic steroid eye drop.


  • Swollen like you've been crying, with a heavier makeup look.
  • Swollen, usually for a few hours after waking up.
  • Swelling decreases with a tight feeling, and the pigment begins to lift away from the skin.
  • There is a "pinching" feeling. Some itching is normal as skin begins to flake. DO NOT PICK!
  • Blinking usually removes all pigment by this day. Color is somewhat grayish and will take a few days to clarify to full color.
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