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Come and Make Time for Yourself at our Studio, You Deserve It.

It is important that every once and a while you take time for yourself. We live in a fast-paced world that demands our attention whether it is work, family life or personal health. It can be hard to find the time to do the simple things such as putting on your eyebrows or finding your favorite lip color.

Derma-hue Inc. exists so that individuals can save a little time for themselves. Even something as simple as skipping a step in your usual makeup routine will give you an opportunity to focus on yourself for a bit.

The Benefits of Going to a Certified Permanent Makeup Studio

A Certified Permanent Makeup Technician can do far more for a person than just give you nice eyebrows. Kristin is consistently attending advanced education classes throughout the country to expand her knowledge, improve her technique, and bring the latest trends to her clients. Regardless of the service our goal is to;

  • Improve Self-confidence
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce brow envy
  • Eliminate waking up naked face

Taking a little time to improve your appearance has a direct effect on one’s mental state. Being happy with yourself not only affects your mood but also your health. No more worries about your makeup smudging, or running off. No worries about trying to fix your hair to cover a bad brow day. Reduce the stress and focus on the so many other positive things that are around you every day.

Derma-hue has a variety of different services to make you feel beautiful, and make your life easier.

Make a Change

A Passion for Beautification

Derma-hue is dedicated to providing services that not only improve your outward appearance but also create an environment where our clients feel confident and educated. We can help you with your personal style, but when we help someone feel more beautiful and confident on the inside, that is when we know we have done a great job.

Kristin Peck. Virginia Board Certified Permanent Makeup Technician.


Bachelors in Psychology

Masters in Business Administration

Retired from Virginia Beach Police Department

12 years experience in the medical industry, specifically wound care

23 years as an active professional makeup artist

Certified through Nationally Recognized Schools:

Samira's Permanent Makeup Training Center NC

  • Microblading
  • PMU Eyeliner
  • PMU Lips
  • Areola Re-pigmentation

Nouveau Contour Institute FL

  • Advanced Hybrid Pigmentation (Eyebrows)
  • Advanced Ombre Lips
  • Advanced Brow Strokes PMU

Micro-pigment Implantation Technologies Training Academy

  • Paramedical Micropigmentation Certification

Ongoing education through organizations such as the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics is done through seminars every year.

About Derma-hue Inc.

Kristin Peck. Virginia Board Certified Permanent Makeup Technician.